The Griffiths Group Home Contact Swing one more time (1:54) Racing with your boots on (3:46) Sex, Drugs & Rock & Roll (2:58)

A quick tale of someone that won only because nobody told him it couldn’t be done

Quitting a unique addiction

A lesson from a bucket of golf balls (2:00) What are you focused on? (2:34) $1,080 a week for life! (4:08)

Can you pick the ones that go 200 yards?

We can only focus 100%. What happens when it all gets used up?

You just never know how close you are to that wall coming down

If you don’t spend it, you loose it. How will you spend it?

Mistake from the back seat (1:31) Burn it! (3:03)

A unique way Richard Branson found something out

Push em down the ski slope (4:02)

Figuring out what someone’s “Social style” is in seconds

More than fish (3:11) In Hot Pursuit (3:25) Is it live or is it Memorex? (3:49)

There will always be something missing if you’re not in pursuit of something

A 13 year old figures out how to keep trying something different

If you aren’t there, you can’t feel it. And if you can’t feel it, it doesn’t do the job.

I wrote my problems down on a beach in Alaska, burned it, and…… they’re gone!

The terminal test. Would you pass? (1:48)

What are people saying or thinking about you after you leave? and why do you care?

The Griffiths Group Home Contact Think like an  ENTREPRENEUR!