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Jim Griffiths - Bio:

Jim’s teenage years were spent in Key Largo where he ran away from home and quit school. His original plan was to get a job and do his best to stay out of jail, but he got distracted by associating with people that knew how to win and found himself in a position to quit what America defines as “working” at a fairly young age. Jim had no family money, he didn’t break any laws, and he didn’t win anything. He studied what people consider the “traits of an entrepreneur” and adopted their habits.

Around age 17 cable TV came to the Florida Keys and Jim saw a Bon Jovi video. The flashing lights and big-hair created a vision of being a rock star. So within a few weeks he sold everything, packed a duffel bag, and headed to California with little more than a change of cloths and a dream.  

Jim was not a talented musician, for him it was more about the attention musicians got in the 80’s. After music Jim worked as a dishwasher in Sacramento because it included free food. Through a mail order book, he got a job fishing in Dutch Harbor, Alaska, where he had time to think about what he wanted to do next. After a couple fishing seasons he headed back to southwest Florida.

His sister got cancer at 28 and died at 38. It was Jim’s first experience with a family death. Since then, Jim lost his mom to suicide, and his dad spent most of his life in trouble with the law.   

From the ashes of a minimum wage job at a car wash in Southwest Florida in the 90’s, he built a company called the “Waxman”, a mobile boat detailing business. By associating with local boaters the idea for a local marine magazine developed, “The Nautical Mile”. Within a year this turned into an exclusive source of information for boaters in the area.

Jim had never used e-mail, computers, spreadsheets, and definitely didn’t have any office skills. Publishing was a whole new and exciting world! Nautical Mile was soon the most successful item of its kind in the state of Florida.  

Jim had had quite a natural talent for his newly found publishing career. He created several other successful ventures from the base of that “fishing rag” from coastal events to a unique treasure hunt.

The BP Oil Spill offered a great opportunity for a creative project involving video production, something Jim always wanted to learn about. The local marine business community had been damaged by false reporting about oil on local beaches. Jim decided to write, produce and direct a 45 minute introduction to promote boating in southwest Florida. 10,000 CD’s were distributed for free to people looking for information about the local marine community to help stimulate local marine business. It was a big hit and a fun project!  

Suffering from so many personal losses, he kept people at a distance and had few relationships. Along came Bo, a yellow lab that was lost in Hurricane Charley. Bo taught him to love and take care of someone other than himself. Jim was convinced that if not for the relationship that developed with Bo, his wife would have never gone a second date, or may not have even stuck around on the first one.

Jim soon discovered another talent, he can talk to groups. He started talking to small groups around town about pleasure boating in the area. He realized that he was able to take his own challenges and struggles and turn them into stories that end up being lessons. People were inspired and interested in more, so he created a program designed for a classroom environment with a focus on finding your own obstacles and beating them.

Publishing offered a lot of free time which he used to volunteer and mentor in high school business classes. Connecting with younger people helped him understand what he considers to be the gap between school and the real world. This encouraged Jim to write a curriculum based on the habits and character of an entrepreneur. He believes the lessons hidden within the psychological side of entrepreneurism can solve many of the world’s challenges.   

Jim believes the past 2-3 decades has offered poor characteristic role models and our “system” is not communicating what it takes to win. More than 80% nationwide are graduating High School, but they are far from prepared for what comes next. They’re getting great at taking tests and sleep depravation, which may come in handy, but when they go out into the world most do not have the tools to dig themselves out of the 7-day routine that most people end up in. For so many, 30 years goes by goes by fast leaving people wondering where life went and why getting ahead is so tough. Yet it’s not.

Jim published “Don’t Tell Me I Can’t Do It,” a book containing details on his personal life with stories that taught him how to make things happen. He is currently teaching a class called “The Grocery Store” , a free monthly workshop based on how to make things happen where like in a grocery store, there’s something for everyone. He’s developing a national educational system designed to do what he refers to as, “Bridging the gap between school and the real world.”   

Jim’s is available as a guest speaker for groups and clubs. (Invite link below.) His time is spent between south Florida and the mountains of South Carolina with his wife, Robin, Doberman Pinschers Ti and Hooper, plus their parrot, Kozmo.  

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